Success Stories


I Can’t Thank Samantha Enough…

I chose Tranquil Dog Training (formerly S.A.S K-9) to train my aggressive German Shepherd Dog, Atlas. The change in Atlas happened almost as soon as Samantha took the leash… and it was astonishing!! He learned how to properly interact with other dogs and with people, not to mention perfect obedience. I can’t begin to thank Samantha and her team for the new life they have given Atlas and I.


Jacksonville, North carolina


Sam Is Fabulous…

She puts in a ton of care and organization for SAS. The dogs are treated well, and I am amazed how different and better they are after they’ve trained there. The facilities are so clean, you wouldn’t have thought there were ANY dogs around. She works with you to make sure you can continue the proper training for your doggies at home. 5 out of 5 Dog biscuits, would recommend.

Dot Jenkins & "Scooby"

Jacksonville, North Carolina


I Would Not Use Any Other Trainer…

Samantha and her team is professional and always helpful. They go above and beyond to ensure the training is done correct and safely. I would not use any other trainer for my dogs.

Sarah Carmody & "Monster"

Jacksonville, North carolina

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