One on One

Private Obedience Lessons

Private lessons are great for families who want to take the driver seat to their dogs future! During these one on one sessions with your family and dog(s), your trainer will teach, demonstrate and guide you each step of the way for you to embark upon each weeks new skills!

Each session is aprox 60 minutes long.

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience private lesson programs are available. 



Board & Train

Home away from home!

Board and Train programs are a great way for dogs to experience a lot of great training, multiple times per day with our team of loving trainers! Dog's stay in a HOME, versus a kennel/facility which is less stressful and more realistic to learn in!

Dogs enrolled in our Board & Train are socialized with many people and other dogs/animals during their stay, exercised daily and receive multiple formal training sessions through the day! They also take many field trips to help transfer all their skills to public situations (like the vet office, beach or a trip to Lowes!) all the while getting to enjoy a nice couch (or dog bed!) in the home every evening after a long day of fun!

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience Programs are available in our Board & Train programs. Behavioral Modification and Service Dog Training also available in Board & Train.




Daycare Training

Doggy Daycare with Flare!

Daycare Day Training programs are excellent for families that want their furry friend home every evening, and through the weekends. During our Daycare Training Programs, your dog gets to enjoy a full day of play with many dog friends and the amazing staff, while receiving Training each and every single day! Your dog will surely enjoy their day and have much less energy after you get off work! Owners are responsible for daily Drop off and Pick Up Monday-Friday.

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience Daycare Training programs available.





Spa Day, with Training and FUN!

Grooming with flare! All grooming appointments include the following:

* Bath
* Heated Blow Dry
* Facial 
* Brush 
* Pad scoop
* Nail Trim and File
*Ear Cleaning
* Teeth Brushing
* Conditioner
1x Playgroup (with dogs or staff)
1x 15-30 minute Walk
1x Training Session
(No Haircuts available at this time)





Pick up and Delivery Services

Unable to make the trip? Let us help! 
Our Transportation services are available to take some of the hassle off your schedule.
One of our Trainer's will Pick up, and Deliver home your precious fur-friend for you!
This can be used for Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming Services.

All dogs are required to be current on Rabies, DHLLP and Bordetella vaccines prior to service.
Pick up times: 7:00AM - 10:00 AM
Delivery times: 3:00PM-6:30PM
(Traffic may alter times)





All Boarding includes Training, Walks & MORE! Nightly and Monthly Rates

Boarding with a twist! Home Boarding options for your dog are an excellent way to avoid the busy boarding facility life.
During Boarding, your dog will live in a quiet and calm home, in addition to daily Walks, Obedience Sessions, Playtime with Staff and Other Dogs (if they enjoy dog friends!). 
Obedience sessions will focus on commands and manners dogs are familiar with.

Give your dog something fun to do while you're away, and forget traditional boarding!