Service Dog Training

S.A.S K-9 Service Dog Training Program is divided into Three Stages. Any Dog that families wish to prospect for service dog work is required to first attend our Service Dog Prep Board & Train Program. This is a 7 Week long program in which SASK9 dedicates intensive training each day, socializing and public access reactions, temperament tests and over-all general evaluation to qualify or disqualify each dog for the next step in the process. 

At S.A.S K-9, dogs stay in a home environment, versus a boarding facility. This allows dogs to obtain more real-life living success.  Boarding facilities can be chaotic, and stressful to many dogs, and often are not maintained in calm and daily reinforced training. This makes it more difficult to train dogs to listen consistently, instead offering a more "sometimes I listen" mental state of mind. Living in a home environment, with a balanced pack of dogs, daily reinforcement by three trainers will help to ensure the best possible results, and easier transition home. 

Stage 1: Service Dog Prep Program Cost: $4,395

Once completed, Owner and Trainer will then maintain lessons bi-weekly for two months following completion, to ensure dog-handler are following through on all homework and general behavior. 

Stage 2: When Dog-Owner Team qualifies and passes all requirements, the next stage/program will consist of a five week Board and Train Refresher, and Task Jump Start, following weekly/bi-weekly lessons until completion. Length of time varies by each individual dog and owner team.

Stage 2: $2,995.00

Payment Plan: Each stage can be separated into three equal monthly payments. 

Includes: AKC CGC, State Registration, Gear+Training equipment.

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