I can not say enough good things about Sam and other trainers! We brought them a goofy, all over the place, nearly 5 year old lab/pit mix and they turned him into a well behaved dog that has so much control over himself and loads of confidence to do things I never thought were possible! 
After initially talking to Sam, she suggested a few different training packages and we chose the Superstar program. We dropped him off on day 1, were able to start our training visits with him a few weeks later, and picked him up on week 8. There was a week in the midst of the 2 months where we had to bring him home as he caught a stomach bug, but Sam called me as soon as she thought he needed vet care and I was able to pick him up early that morning, get him to the vet, and bring him home for a week of recovery. He then returned to finish his last week of training, and then his final week there was as a boarding customer while we were out of town. So a total of 8 weeks with Sam! 
We could never thank Sam & trainers enough for the incredible job they did with our Logan! He was so well taken care of, and watching Sam train him was so fun! They posted lots of videos and pictures, and were just an email/call/text away if we needed to get in touch. The lessons throughout the program were always something to look forward to, and Sam & Sarah even went out of their way to let our kids (3 & 1 y/o) be involved in the training as well. 
SAS K9 will forever be my recommendation to anyone looking for dog training or boarding. Our dog loved his time with them, and we will happily be taking him back for boarding whenever needed!
-Bree Rhyne

We have a cane corso and he was in need for redirection. Sam stepped in to help us with his aggressive behavior and it has made a major impact on his. Months later I brought him back to her for boarding and he went straight to her with no problems. The trainers here are amazing!!!! Love their love for dogs!!!!
-Christina Vega-Polingo 

When seeking an experienced dog trainer, we did extensive research!!!!
Of course we wanted only the absolute best for our fur babies, but we didn't want them to just listen. We (as their people) wanted to understand WHY they were doing what they were doing and if their behaviors stemmed from something WE were doing wrong.....and correct it. 

It was an easy decision to go with S.A.S K-9 and Samantha Porter. After thoroughly discussing the history and demeanor of our pack (all rescues--mostly Bully breeds--with varying personality and behavior issues), we purchased the Board & Train for 5 of our fur babies. 

Through video and pics, we received regular updates on their progress and literal transformations!!!! I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes! We also did one-on-one time with the dogs so that we could continue at-home what they learned with Samantha's team of talented trainers. 

Her experience and education with dog behavior/psychology can NOT be matched by ANYONE in Onslow County.

I know that many skimp on expenses when it comes to our "pets" and you get exactly what you pay for. Our pack is our family and training with S.A.S K-9 is worth every penny!!!!!

I am absolutely in love with Sam and her training! We have a Cattle Dog puppy and he is doing so well with the wonder dog program. We see Sam every week and she is so helpful with not only the program but also things beyond training. She helps with crate training, and also has tips and pointers for other behaviors we run into with our puppy! The service is well worth the price you pay for it and I can't say enough good things about it. We have only been doing training for about a month, but it is the best choice we could have made! We look forward to each week Sam comes to the house. Not only is she fantastic with dogs, she is such a sweet and caring person! I don;t know that I've met anyone else so dedicated to her work and the dogs she works with! S.A.S K9 is definitely my number 1 recommendation for training!
Kellie Himes

I travel for work and I can not take my baby boy with me, I leave him with Sam for months at a time. She doesn't just watch my dog, she's caring for my fur son. I don't trust anyone else with him because he has some issues, Sam is the only person on this planet that I can leave him with and I don't have to think twice about it. I'm not the only one that loves Sam. When we turn down her road on his drop off days he starts jumping around and getting excited, he runs right to her front door and tries to kiss Sam to death. He's reaction to her and his pouting when we leave her house makes me feel even more comfortable. SAS K9 will always be my first and only recommendation.
Ally Hatton 

I am so thankful to have met Sam. She has helped us with multiple dogs. She has wonderful natural ways to help dogs with all kinds of issues. 
She is an absolute natural, very knowledgeable! 
I would recommend anyone with dog issues to her!  
All her dogs are super well behaved as well! 

She did an excellent job answering all the questions my daughter had about dogs as well!
Clint Jaymie Sprabary 

I must say Samantha and her team an amazing job with our fur baby. We received a nice report of commands and recommendations at the end of her stay. To all owners I will say understand your pups personality and the breed tendencies. Some breeds are easier to train and work with, but all pups will require you to take what Samantha starts and progress at home. 

Thank you to you and your team!
Paul Herlocker 

I entered the fb contest for a free training for my Brussels griffon Turk, and we won. During the time he was at training I got several updates and pictures, and 2 training sessions for me so I could learn what he had learned. We dropped off a crazy dog that jumped on my children and knew no commands. He was always crazy when in his crate too. He has been home almost a week now and what a different dog he is! He is polite, and calmer. Doesn't jump as much, knows how to "place" "sit" "sit, down" and "stay" and all over seems to be a happier dog! He also is such a gentleman when crated and during dinner time. I recommend S.A.S K-9 training to anyone! If they can train my crazy boy they can train anyone!!!
-Kim Ferrell 

Every dog Sam owns, and every dog that I've met that has been through her program have been wonderful. She does wonders with her obedience training and behavior modification training as well. The results are night and day.

-Jordyn Etherton

I was unsure if my pups really needed training prior to sending both of them. Now that I have one home and have seen the other pup in action, I ask myself why didn't I do this sooner! Samantha takes her time with each pet, and doesn't return them home till they are ready. I appreciated this knowing that both pups would be home when they were really ready to come home, instead of rushing to meet a timeline. I now have a obedient rottiweiler at home, that no longer chases her shadows, flashlights or laser pointers. Can't wait to have the other one home as well. I will defiantly send them again for more advanced training.

-Sarah Elizabeth

Great training! Our dog is a super active miniature pincher and after going through the good dog and super star programs he is well behaved and no bad habits. I would recommend this training to any of my friends.

-Viktoria Canning

I have nothing but great things to say about Sam and her team!! I put both of fur babies in the Show Off Program board and train. Before the training she came to my home to do a free consultation for both dogs. She gave me great advice about what I needed for both dogs, and was very honest about what I can expect due to different breeds and tendencies. Always realistic expectations.Through the training I always got to see pictures and videos of my babies. Sam always replied to my messages , never kept me wondering ! I love this team and can’t wait to continue working with them! Sam has inspired me to become a trainer and has given me great knowledge! I will tell anyone who will listen about great they are! I gave them two crazy disobedient unruly dogs and the transformation is unbelievable!
                                                                                                                                 -Kalandra Dunchie

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references always available!

I just picked one of my dogs up tonight and I can see a huge difference in him! Before I brought him to training he was crazy and listen very little, but now he listens so well. He is a 5 year old German Shepherd and I really thought he was untrainable. I can't wait to see how the other dogs are. I know they will be just as good. I would recommend S.A.S K-9 to everyone. She is reasonably priced and always let's me know how my babies are..
-Amber Foster 

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