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"Jack, come inside!" ---- "No Thanks Mom!"

Who said having dogs was all fun and games? Your dog did, of course! Have you ever found yourself in a hurry before work, running behind schedule and your dog chooses THAT particular moment to decide he would rather watch the birds in the sky for the afternoon while you go to work? Do you find yourself calling your dog inside aimlessly, just for them to lay down and sunbathe? You are not alone, in fact----- I have a young Doberman who has enjoyed playing this game with me recently. We often get this "problem" with many dog owners, well... I am a dog owner after all! I found myself having to play this "game" more often than not, so I decided to take ten minutes out of my day to ensure he and I had time to overcome this little catchy game of his! Here was our first night, I decided to record it to be able to share with the world, and hopefully help some families who struggle with this same thing! Happy Sunday!

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