Grooming Services

Grooming with flare! All grooming appointments include the following:

* Bath
* Heated Blow Dry
* Facial 
* Brush 
* Pad scoop
* Nail Trim and File
*Ear Cleaning
* Teeth Brushing
* Conditioner
1x Playgroup (with dogs or staff)
1x 15-30 minute Walk
Potty/Drink Breaks



Pricing by Size

Small Dog: 5-25lbs: $35.00
Medium Dog: 26-55lbs: $45.00
Large Dog: 56-85lbs: $55.00

XL Dog: 86-110lbs: $ 65.00
Gant Dog: 111lbs+ : $75-$100

Haircuts: Add $10-$35.00 - Varies by dog/size/coat


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