Nightly Boarding and Monthly Boarding options.

All dogs are required to have proof of Rabies, DHLLP (Distemper/Parvo Series), and Bordetella.
Owners are responsible for providing food for their dogs stay, leave the rest to us!

Spaces are limited. $50.00 deposit required to reserve a space for future dates.


Nightly Boarding

Refresher Boarding

Boarding with a twist! Home Boarding options for your dog are an excellent way to avoid the busy boarding facility life.

During Boarding, your dog will live in a quiet and calm home, in addition to daily Walks, Obedience Sessions, Playtime with Staff and Other Dogs (if they enjoy dog friends!). 

Obedience sessions will focus on commands and manners dogs are familiar with.

Give your dog something fun to do while you're away, and forget traditional boarding!

1 Dog: $50.00
2 Dogs: $95.00
3 Dogs: $135.00

Nightly Rate



Monthly Boarding

Long Term Boarding

Just like our traditional nightly boarding, dogs receive the same are, training, exercise and lifestyle every day, for an extended period of time. 

This option is great for families who need to travel for an extended period of time due to work, family emergency, deployment and more. 

To make this a more cost effective service for your family, we have discounted monthly boarding rates.

1 Dog: $1,200.00
2 Dogs: $ $2,000.00
3 Dogs: $2,900.00

Monthly Rate



Member Boarding

Discounted Rates for former Dog Training Clients!

As a thank you to our awesome clients, dogs who have participated in our training programs previously earn discounted boarding services, for nightly and monthly rates.

During their stay, they will receive refresher training with a focus toward their original training program, in addition to walks, staff and dog play and more! 

We love having our Family back for visits!

Nightly Rate:
1 Dog: $35.00
2 Dogs: $65.00
3 Dogs: $95.00

Monthly Rate:
1 Dog: $950.00
2 Dogs: $1,800
3 Dogs: $2,600.00