Board & Train Programs

The Rockstar Program

Our Rock Star Program (Advanced Obedience, 6-7 Weeks Long)  is targeted toward dogs four months or older. Your dog does not have to go through the basic prior to their enrollment, we will complete this program from Start to Finish!  This program is designed for high distractions, for long time periods and expected distances. 

Dogs are taken on many field trips to stores, parks and other community gatherings during this training program to learn how to behave in any situation! 

Included Commands: 

Sit, Stay, Come, Leave It, Look (Focus), Place, Heel, Wait, Down, Door Manners, 
Leash Manners, Car Manners, Jumping / Scratching

+ Public Distraction Training/Trips
+ Free Gift
+ Training Equipment
+ Unlimited Lifetime Lessons/Support

Total Cost: $3,295.00

Payment Plan for Rockstar Board & Train : Split into three equal monthly payments of $1,098.00
*Note: This program was formerly named "The Show Off" Program, we updated program names to offer more services on 11/25/20

The Show Off Program

Our Show Off Program (Intermediate Obedience, 4-5 Weeks Long) is targeted toward dogs 14 Weeks and Older. Your dog does not have to go through the basic prior to their enrollment, we will complete this program from Start to Finish! 

This program is designed for mild distractions, for longer time periods and expected distances. 

Included Commands: 

Sit, Stay, Come, Leave It, Look (Focus), Place, Wait, Down, Door Manners, Leash Manners,  Jumping / Scratching
+ Public Distraction Training/Trips
+ Training Equipment
+ 2 Private Lessons

Total Cost: $2,795.00

Payment Plan for Show Off Board & Train : Split into two equal monthly payments of $1,397.00

The Good Dog Program

Our Good Dog Program (Basic Obedience, 2 Weeks Long) Program is targeted toward young dogs and puppies, or new dog additions.
Many families also use this program while traveling, versus traditional Boarding, to ensure their dogs have fun learning while away for vacation!

Our goal is to build a good Obedience foundation for dogs and their owners, and create a good bond through working relationships between Owners and their Dog. 

This program is designed for minimal to low distractions, for short time periods and expected distances.

Included Commands:
Sit , Stay, Come, Off, Leave It, Look (Focus) , Leash Introduction
+ One Lesson

Total Cost: $1,575.00

Benefits of a board and train program are widely known, allowing the professional trainers to train your dog each and every single day while you are busy with the kids, at work or running errands without the added schedule of set-aside time to train with your dog. Professional Board & Train programs allows the progress to be sped up, properly and efficiently saving time, hassle and ensuring each dog is progressing successfully and throughly according to normal schedule so that YOU can receive all the benefits at the finish line! Owners are involved in training during their dogs stay, and are frequently updated with photos and videos on social media to  give you peace of mind, and many smiles as your dog enjoys all their positive experiences with loving, compassionate trainers. 
You may find our Board and Train Programs to be longer than many other trainers, why is this? Because we believe in efficiently teaching and training your dog through amazing relationship building, fun games and enjoyment. We want our dogs to enjoy listening to us, not just forced to.  We want to ensure the dog is ACTUALLY trained, versus a shortcut to appear trained. You wouldn't expect a human to break a bad habit in 10 days, why would our fur-family be any different! 

Board and Train dogs stay with Trainer in their personal home, for a comfortable, realistic environment. 

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