Behavioral Modification Program

Behavioral Modification

For dogs with severe behavioral modification needs, such as bad Anxiety, Housebreaking, Aggression (Dog, Food, Human, Babies) or Fearful Dogs, they are referred to our Behavioral Modification Board & Train. During our Behavioral Modification program dogs stay with Trainer for aprox 12-16 Weeks minimum, training with the trainer alongside a balanced pack of dogs to help mentor the training dogs.

Dogs stay in a household environment that allows our pack (humans and dogs) to help teach and mentor your dog to create balance, better manners and behaviors. Lots of exercise is involved, such as treadmilling, walks, and hikes to drain the extra energy, and lots of mental stimulating obedience work and relationship building.

We also work on all aspects of obedience; up to an advanced obedience level to give dogs additional mental stimulation, exercise, boundaries and over all good manners.

Commands Taught:
Leave It
Look (Focus)
Door Manners
Leash Manners
Car Manners
Behavioral Modification
+ Free Gift
+ Training Equipment
+ Unlimited Lifetime Lessons/Support

General Behavioral Modification (Anxiety, OCD, Potty Training, Etc)  -  $3,800.00

Human / Dog Aggression / Crate Destruction Behavioral Modification  -  $4,300.00
2nd Dog Discount: $350.00 Off!

Payment Plan Option:

Single Dog: Program can be paid in four equal monthly payments.

Two Dogs: Program can be paid in Five equal monthly payments. 

Benefits of a board and train program are widely known, allowing the professional trainers to train your dog each and every single day while you are busy with the kids, at work or running errands without the added schedule of set-aside time to train with your dog. Professional Board & Train programs allows the progress to be sped up, properly and efficiently saving time, hassle and ensuring each dog is progressing successfully and throughly according to normal schedule so that YOU can receive all the benefits at the finish line! Owners are involved in training during their dogs stay, and are frequently updated with photos and videos on social media to  give you peace of mind, and many smiles as your dog enjoys all their positive experiences with loving, compassionate trainers. 
You may find our Board and Train Programs to be longer than many other trainers, why is this? Because we believe in efficiently teaching and training your dog through amazing relationship building, fun games and enjoyment. We want our dogs to enjoy listening to us, not just forced to.  We want to ensure the dog is ACTUALLY trained, versus a shortcut to appear trained. You wouldn't expect a human to break a bad habit in 10 days, why would our fur-family be any different! 

Board and Train dogs stay with Trainer in their personal home, for a comfortable, realistic environment. 

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