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Samantha Porter is the Owner of SASK9 Dog Training & Psychology. Samantha began her career very early in life of training and rehabilitating dogs.  What began as a fun hobby, she was soon known as the woman who could walk a pack of dogs, and the person the dog park visitors always waited for every night as Samantha arrives with her pack of “forbidden” breeds.

Her career started with a pack of Miniature Dachshunds as her family began rescuing the little, sweet and loud adorable creatures that many know as “The Oscar Mayer Weiner Dogs”  she began her experience and knowledge rehabilitating abused and neglected Dachshunds by living in the moment, and creating positive interactions with everything the dogs feared, especially humans

As time went on, Samantha’s passion always rested in the hands of the most misunderstood breeds of our time. The Doberman, known for their grace, elegance, drive and threatening looks. The Rottweiler, known for their strength, their head size, and determination. The Pitbull, known for their jumping, their fighting, their pulling and their drive. These were all dogs that Samantha said “ I choose these dogs as my pack members.” And over time, Samantha earned her Pack of “ferocious” creatures through various rescues and finds.

Samantha earned her education through working with a large pack of driven dogs, utilizing everything that is natural to the dog species. Even on those days that you just don’t know a walk will be on the agenda, the dogs don’t care…. The dogs say walk, lets walk!Samantha has studied at many different seminars, and conferences guided towards Dog Psychology (How a Dog Thinks) and has received many certificates and credentials along the way. Samantha also attended ABC Dog Training College, as well as National K-9 in Columbus, Ohio.  She has also trained along side other dog training companies to learn new methods, and new experiences.She continues to upgrade her knowledge and experience through traveling the US attending many more learning conference’s and schools as possible.“I do not feel like you can have enough knowledge in something you really love. Not one single method works for each dog, and not every dog responds the same way. You must not be close-minded if you want to help people, otherwise you will fail. “Samantha  now has worked with thousands of all dog breeds, and from many different walks of life, and her goal is to help as many people as possible, and to give every dog that chance they deserve. 

Jessica has worked with S.A.S K-9 for almost Two Years and counting! She is an amazing, talented Dog Trainer who graduated at ABC Dog Training School prior to her internship with S.A.S K-9. She now has been professionally training dogs with S.A.S K-9. 

She is a loving Wife, Brilliant Mom to One Son, and a great Fur-Mom to Two dogs of her own!

About the Company

We are a team of certified professional dog trainers and behavior experts, we provide many options for training and behavioral modification and rehabilitation for all dogs, of all breeds. Our goal is for you and your family to have the dog they enjoy and dream of, and their lives with their dogs. Dogs are our life and we love teaching them, and their families and are joyed by helping people and saving lives. We GUARANTEE that our training and programs will work for you dog. No tricks, no unfulfilled promises, just real obedience and rehabilitation for real people like YOU! 

S.A.S K-9 LLC was founded in 2007 by Samantha Porter.  Unlike many dog training companies, S.A.S K-9 specializes in behavioral modification. Examples of these types of cases are aggressive dogs, separation anxiety, territorial behaviors, obsessive behaviors and much more. Dog Psychology is a way of life between you and your dog, and our goal is to help you and your dog become the best you can be together!

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