We are a team of certified professional dog trainers and behavior experts that provide many options for training and behavioral modification for all dogs, of all breeds. Our goal is for you and your family to have the dog they enjoy and dream of, and simplify their lives with their dog. Dogs are our life and we love teaching them, and their families and are joyed by helping people and saving lives. We GUARANTEE that our training and programs will work for your dog. No tricks, no unfulfilled promises, just real obedience and rehabilitation for real people like YOU! 

S.A.S K-9 LLC was founded in 2007 by Samantha Porter.  S.A.S K-9 applies a primary focus on Positive Reinforcement training, with a balanced approach to ensure your dog the best most scientifically proven results. S.A.S K-9 does not use E-Collars as a primary fast-paced solution to a "trained" dog. 


Our vision is to help provide good, sound and safe training techniques with each dog we are lucky enough to assist, for families to enjoy their dog-friends a whole bunch more! We aim to simplify a rather complicated science for the common dog parent, to allow positive and easy communication with each family, and their dog. We strive for long lasting results, versus a quick fix approach. We offer longer training programs than most for that very reason, and we very much want each family to enjoy their experience and the presence of their dog! All while remaining upfront, honest and truthful about all goals, expectations and their journey.

Onslow County has blessed us with helping Thousands of families for over thirteen years, and we cannot wait to continue on our journey, one dog at a time!